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Investors Developers ! Pre-development Land for Sale Mexico New Mega Multimodal Port Punta Colonet Mexico Investment Opportunity 2US/m2
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This is the site for the megaport scheduled to be begin construction in 2009 along Baja California's Pacific coast in Mexico.
Here is a great opportunity to invest in real estate (Land), for some of us maybe a once in a lifetime chance.
There is a proposal to turn the bay (Bahía Colonet) near Punta Colonet, a desolate and sparsely inhabited inlet, into a multi-billion dollar deep water mega-container port able to handle next-generation vessels. The mega-port will cover 30 km² which more than 70 km², making it as large as the U.S. ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach combined. The projected multimodal maritime center would make Punta Colonet the largest port in Mexico and the third-largest in the world, after Singapore and Hong Kong.[3] Port operations will require a city of up to 200,000 people.Investing today in Punta Colonets Land represents an excellent opportunity, because in 4 years from now these areas will be very highly priced and there will be a great demand for them.

Real State Land 20 miles north of Punta Colonet Mega Port


World trade dynamics will continue to enable the growth of containerized cargo. From 1997 to 2007 containerized cargo grew 9.0% (CARG) annually. For 2007 the estimated trade volume in the USA is 29 million TEUs (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit meaning traffic and handling (arrivals/departures) of 20 foot long ISO standardized containers); the world volume of container traffic for 2007 is 257 million TEUs.

In 2005 the total volume of Asia-USA trade was 17.8 million TEUs; 13.1 million were USA imports. Carriers overwhelmingly favor the trans-Pacific trade route between Asia and North America due to its shorter travel times and lower costs; the west coast handles 75% of imports from Asia, this is 9.8 million TEUs.

During 2006 through 2010, container-handling capacity on the West coast will grow at hardly one fourth of the growth rate for transpacific trade. The forecast of Asia-West Coast trade growth on a base scenario is 6.3% (average annual growth rate). The expansion of the US West coast ports is limited by the urban location, strict environmental regulations and efficiency in ship operation considerations.


The estimated capacity for containerized cargo of Punta Colonet by 2022 is 6 million TEUs. The port will have 2,769.7 Hectares of maritime-terrestrial surface of port enclosures, in contrast with the 681.6 Hectares Los Angeles Port and the 535.8 Hectares Long Beach Port. The location is 125 miles south to the US border.

The preliminary estimated investment for the 6 million TEUs capacity port is 5 billion dollars approximately. The container terminal requires a 3,140 million dollars investment and the considered rail road 1,827 million dollars.

Economical benefits will arise from the project: 24,000 jobs and 125 million dollars of annual wages during the construction phase and 59,000 jobs and 390 million of annual dollars in the operation phase (conservative suppositions). The Port will consequently impulse the urban and industrial development in the area.

Tender Process: 

Regarding the legal background, the Port Compound Declaration, published by SCT and SEMARNAT in the Official Gazette of the Federation on December 18, 2006, specifies the location where the container terminal and port infrastructure will be built. Also, the government is duly empowered to carry out the tender process for Punta Colonet Project.

On October 9, 2008 the SCT published the official public report 202 offering news about the Second Orientation Session for Companies Interested in Punta Colonet Tender Process. The official registration date for the Tender Process is January 26, 2009.  More than 60 firms participated in the Orientation Session. 

Among the interested companies are: Hutchison Port, MTC Holdings in alliance with IDEAL, SSA Marine, Dubai Ports World, China Ocean Shipping Company, Pacer Stacktrain, Evergreen, Maersk, Kansas City Southern and Ferromex.

Estimates indicate that the project may begin operations 3 years after the award of the tender is announced in September 2009. Project construction will start in August 2010 and begin operations in August 2012.

This Real State Property is 7,120 Hectares of Land and has a 1.24 miles long beach. The Land is located 20 miles north of Punta Colonet Mega Port and the price per square meter is 2 USD. The total purchase price is $142,400,000 USD and is negotiable. Please let us now your interest.  Dial: 011-52-1-5512337933

For a friendly presentation of the Property access the link:

I hope this information will be useful and don't hesitate to ask any question.

Rebeca López 
Reyal Real State Agency

Ubicacin: Mxico / Baja California
Fecha de Publicacin: 31-10-2008

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